What's Special About UPM?

UPM enables easy access management by allowing administrators to focus on users' business roles instead of their individual group memberships.

Our solution translates the complex group memberships into simple to understand and easy to use but at the same time very powerful security profiles.

UPM allows you to implement and easily maintain security models that accurately correspond to the needs of the business roles in your organization.

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On top of reducing the complexity and maintenance effort User Profile Manager brings many additional benefits...

UPM Benefits


ensures access rights consistency across the DMS


allows delegating DMS access management tasks from IT to business administrators without compromising your systems' security


helps you stay compliant with internal policies or guidelines


speeds up the process saving you time and money while at the same time increasing the user satisfaction rate


supports differing privileges for internal and external users


enables user-specific and system-wide reporting on current and historical group memberships